Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics...

On Monday, I got on my bike and headed to SoMA to the greatest place on Earth: DISCOUNT FABRICS.




Discount Fabrics in San Francisco is a warehouse of lots of bad stuff, with little bits of awesome sprinkled here and there. This is how I like my fabric stores: big, disorganized, full of weird discontinued garbage, and a few hidden gems that I have to dig for. Don't get me wrong, I swoon if I enter Britex or Mood, everything color- and fiber-content-coordinated with walls of beautiful notions and lots of natural light. But there is something way more satisfying about having to work for my purchases, wandering up and down unlabeled aisles with my arms leaden with bolts, trailing zippers, nary an employee in sight. Adventure!

I made out like a bandit, as I usually do, with 2 yards of midnight blue linen, 1 yard of salt and pepper linen, 1 yard of black rayon chally, and 1 yard of ivory rayon similar to chally but with a more herringbone weave, all for about $30. Hell yes. I then went to my friend Anna's house to try to draft a pattern for a summer dress that would be good for wearing in Germany. She set to work measuring me, and we came up with a simple dress idea that somehow became a real piece of clothing about 5 hours later (she is a pattern-drafting wizard!). 

Those are my doodles pre-pattern-making. The patterns are way more impressive, but only for true nerds--if you wanna see them, send me a message!

This is how it looks from the back. I made it from the midnight blue linen, as you can probably tell. I've since washed it, and it looks less stiff, which I like. And, most importantly, it fits perfectly! Pictures of me wearing it coming soon.

So, I love this shit, as you can probably tell. It is rare to have enough time to start and finish a whole dress in less than a day, but it feels oh so RADICAL. It's insane to think I'l have time like this for making stuff for an entire MONTH in Berlin. I may not make dresses, but you never know! My brain might use its newfound freedom to take me in directions I never would have imagined. In fact, I hope that happens. Jesus, I can't believe it's just over a month away!!!

On that note, happy almost summer solstice, and happy almost birthday to me :)