The Calm Before the OHMYGOD

As the school year winds down, I finally have a little time to relax. It's beautiful here in San Francisco, my friends are all having BBQs and lounging in the parks. I'm soaking it in while I still can! 

My seniors at graduation! AWWWW

My seniors at graduation! AWWWW

picnicking at the Russian River (potato salad with radishes and soft boiled eggs and cilantro on real plates!)

picnicking at the Russian River (potato salad with radishes and soft boiled eggs and cilantro on real plates!)

But soon it's going to get crazy.

My artist residency is going to completely overlap with my teacher inservice in the fall. No one, EVER, has missed fall inservice at my school, so no one knows how it'll really work. But they're letting me do it anyway! My job is amazing. But here's the sticky part: I actually arrive back in the states on September 1st, which is THE DAY BEFORE school starts! So to prepare, I'm front-loading my whole year, planning everything down to the day, leaving nothing up in the air. I am also taking on some new responsibilities at work, which just adds to the potential craziness. But I'm excited about it! So it's a good kind of crazy.

Part of my front-loading for next year is brushing up (literally) on some art techniques I haven't done in a while. Namely, oil painting. All the advanced kids want to do it so badly, so I really should refresh myself. Here's what I'm going to attempt to practice:

And here's my beginning attempt:

Ooph, so out of practice! But the grid is very helpful. And this is just the first layer of paint. I'll tackle the lady as soon as I get the background in. (I painted over another painting, so that's what you're seeing through the white). Even though I'm kind of terrible right now, it's actually really fun to paint. It's kinetic, gestural, freeing! Hopefully soon it'll look decent.

So, add all this work-prep to my Berlin-planning and you get a lovely cocktail of waking up at 5am imagining that disaster is coming, spacing out in public, and having weird dreams not unlike an episode of Game of Thrones. 

I love this, though. I'd rather be unbelievably busy doing things I love than sitting around watching Netflix and "chilling." Onward, ho!

Until next time,