I've been back in San Francisco now for about 3 weeks. The super duper art-high of Berlin has finally worn off.

It was pretty amazing for a while there! I walked off the plane and into a classroom, practically, and had no trouble with the transition. At least, initially. I was refreshed, energized, ready to take on anything! The all-encompassing relaxation and focus I experienced in Berlin had the most profound effect on me, and for about a week and a half, I was invincible. My classes were perfect, I was sleeping like a rock at the bottom of the ocean, and I was greeting everyone at work with the enthusiasm of someone high on party drugs. People were complimenting me left and right, saying how happy I looked, how relaxed, how healthy, even how skinny! (they are mistaken about this last one--a month of drinking Pilsners does not end in a smaller waistline; but that's a testament to how much awesome was radiating off of me).

And then I settled in, had a couple frustrating days at work, remembered my hatred for driving in traffic, and the transition caught up to me. 

One of the things I wanted to make sure of when I got back here was that I would remain in a creative process, outside of work, in some way or another. These processes include:

1. Continuing to write

2. Entering contests and open calls

3. Staying in touch with my fellow residents in their respective locations

4. Pushing my work forward

Turns out these are harder than it sounds.

Writing is still possible, but less frequent, and not as often in the morning, which is the optimal time for creative brain activity. Still, I'm doing it somewhat regularly. 

I missed the deadline for a contest I was trying to enter in Berkeley...kinda sad about that. But there's another one in Brooklyn that I'm eyeing. 

I've exchanged emails with the other residents--Emily, David, and William--and I will probably be working somewhat with Emily and David on my entry to the Brooklyn contest. And I'm trying to visit them in April in Montreal! 

As for #4, this is where it is getting hard, and not in the way I'd imagined. ONE WEEK after I got back, I was introduced to a guy who is starting a line of backpacks, and he asked if I would do some custom screen printed fabric liners for them. I was like, UM YES, since it would keep me working on things and also be a paid gig. How perfect!!!, I thought. And it's a really fun project--the fabrics are going to look like this:

two color-ways: white on navy, and peacock blue on ivory (SO GOOD RIGHT?)

two color-ways: white on navy, and peacock blue on ivory (SO GOOD RIGHT?)

Buuuuuut, combine that with getting my Kickstarter rewards finished and working as a full-time teacher and commuting almost 3 hours a day. Plus seeing any of my friends ever.

I have a lot more on my plate than I did in Berlin. 

This is how it has to be, though. I can't go back to a life of only artmaking, walking, and contemplating, for now at least . Maybe one day when I have a million dollars. But right now, I have to balance this shit. Without losing my mind!