America Turned 240, I Turned 30

Hey superfans,

Thought you might wanna see what my super cool messy studio looks like when I'm doing stuff in it! Today I made 3 molds out of corrugated plastic and then did some plaster/fabric/dye experiments in them (see first photo--that tall rectangle is like an ant-farm full of plaster and debris). It had been a while since my last real studio day, so it felt really good to get back in there and get my hands dirty slash spread my tools all over the place.

So fun right??

Having my own DSLR now makes it super way easier to take decent photos in my studio. My poor iPhone 5s is really barely better than a flip-phone camera at this point. Hooray for turning 30 and getting $ from parents!

And while we're talking about this new camera, here's some pics I took in Montana over Fourth of July weekend:

Pretty difficult to make Glacier National Park look bad, but having a non-iPhone camera helped. I think those were some of the most beautiful places I've ever been, for real. That first shot was on my first morning there, and the moment I saw that view I almost cried. Beauty like that hits you on an emotional level. It was so unreal, it made me think of Bob Ross paintings:


If my work starts to look like 3-D versions of the scene above, you'll know why. It's cuz I'm just so darn jazzed to be part of God's creation. 

But really, being in such a remote place, with no cell service, no wifi, just insane mountains and lakes, was powerful. I've been riding the feeling of it since I got back. Now I'm fantasizing about doing artist residencies in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps that'll be my plan post-graduation.