Old Stuff


Feeling these right now. All 3 are from early 2010.

In the next month my goal is to go through all my photos from 2010 until now and organize them, both digitally and by putting all my negatives in special archival sleeves in binders. Right now they are packed like sardines in a suitcase, and stuffed in other random places as well. I find little takeout boxes with developed film in them all over my room. 

Once that shit is organized, I can work on re-scanning the majority of the negatives at a super high DPI so I can print super large, both for the Society6 store and my grad school work, whatever that may entail. 

Whew, 5 years of haphazard photography storage is tough to undo. But it's fun to look at everything now--my aesthetic has certainly changed, but I still like what I was doing before. The chaos of 2010 comes across, for sure. 

In the meantime, my first assignment for school is partially due this Friday--I have to submit 5 images of my "work" to go along with a 2-minute presentation given in front of EVERYONE in the MFA program at CCA, plus like whoever wants to show up faculty- and student-wise. The presentation isn't until September 4th, but we're getting a head-start, it seems. I'm working on creating some kind of visual cohesion between all this photo work and my previous textile work. It's a little trippy. Wish me luck.

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