First Photographs

A very exciting day! I found the speediest photo lab so far, and got my batch of pictures that I took yesterday processed in a matter of hours! I'm still processing them myself, as in looking at them and deciding how I feel, but here's the one that's my current favorite:



Basically, I was playing around with wearing most of the clothes I brought with me. This could have been pushed further, I see now--I only piled on about half of what I have. I like the look on my face, though, and my posture--I can feel the unflattering indifference just radiating off this picture. Like I'm thinking, "this outfit sucks." And it does. And I used to dress like this, which is funny--maybe only funny to me, though. A friend once gasped dramatically when he saw my collarbone on a hot day. Yeah, there's something to mine here, I think. Self-loathing and body issues. My desire to dramatically cover up, wearing scarves in the summer, etc. Good stuff.

Picking up 3 more rolls of film tomorrow...finger crossed that I've got some more good stuff to chew on. 

Sincerely yours, from a quicksand pile of my own clothing,